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Terça-feira, 12.03.13
Please let me know if you would like to come thank you.

basket weaving workshops is  Saturday 30 March.

 10:15 am until 4:00 pm
Bring your sharp pruning scissors
bring vegetarian food to share. 

We had some lovely workshops over the years

For the people who are interested please let me know when it fits you best ,
week-ends or week days.I can organize an other one if you'd like. 
You have to bring your own willow, see picture. Or come and cut it whit me one houer before the wokshop

Please prepare it like in the picture 
the golden yellow willow is the best
The other ,green and red can also be used as differed effects
Willow has to be cut in winter
from first year cuttings,so the tree had to be pruned  last year 
with fresh willow it is easier to work. 
it must be possible to bent it without breaking
For more info contact me...
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