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Castratie sterilisatie project

Sexta-feira, 08.11.13
Natasha Schenkels 5 november 19:55
We have been spaying and neuretring again.Now we can proudly say that we have all our dogs done ,just not the ones with a weak heart that might cause problems for the anestetics...

I have to thank everybody involved and I can tell you : that were many!
Without all of you we would not have been able to make a difference....

So here we go :

All the wunderfull vets and their assistents : Natasja Van Der Woude,Sjan and Kelly van Helvoirt, Karin and Janneke, Roosje Thijms,Carolina Bento and Salvador.

All our volunteers that get more and more involved : Emma Green, Liedewij and Jolein of Quinta da Fonte,Luisa Batista and Ronaldinho,Marie JenkinsonPaul Meredith and Sara, Aranka Vos,Silvia Rosenlöcher,Trudy Denby and her lovely husband David, Tracey and her daughter, Kate and bernie and their friend, Jackie and an other Jackie, Liesbeth and Rudith, Masha, Ann and last but not least our little petinga : Miranda Vree,
Aida, Vitor and ofcourse the love of my life : Cedi!

together we can make a difference.....

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