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Workshop Japanese cooking

Domingo, 04.03.12

Japanese Home Cooking


10 en/of 24 March 2012 en 17 March
In this introduction to Japanese cooking, Megumi and Steve will work with the group
to create a typical Japanese home meal. There'll be a main dish and a number of
extras for the side – as is the custom in Japan. The food will be hearty non-
vegetarian fare suitable for the end of the cold season.
We will start in the afternoon at 15:00. As we prepare and cook together, everyone
will learn a little of the background to Japanese food, the names and uses of some
less familiar ingredients, and a number of basic Japanese food preparation
techniques. Importantly, we'll also cover substitutions you can make – so you'll be
able to recreate the food at home without needing too many special ingredients. We
may use video and other media to enhance the cooking experience.
The best part, of course, is that we finish by enjoying together the Japanese meal we
have created. There'll be time to relax in the bar and discuss what we have done, as
well as interesting aspects of Japanese culture (food or otherwise). When you leave,
you'll take away recipes for the meal and some variations, our list of substitutions,
and some ideas about where to purchase ingredients.
Where: Kapingbdi (kitchen and bar)
When: 10 en/of 24 March 2012
15:00~20:00 (approx)
All ingredients and necessary utensils will be provided. However, you may want to bring any of
the following you may have:
– Apron or other way of protecting your clothes
– Your own Japanese dishes, bowls, chopsticks, etc.
– Your favourite kitchen knife
The price is 12 euros per person or 20 euros for a couple and the workshop is limited to those over 16
years old. We will ask for a deposit of 5 euros when you sign up (to cover some of the cost of the
special ingredients we need). Numbers are limited.
For the17th: Sign up at the bar in Kapingbdi or by making arrangements with
Megumi: 963-048-113 or


Degene die mee willen doen op de 10 de kunnen zich bij ons opgeven. Voor degenen die dan niet kunnen maar wel graag willen kunnen we dan 24 maart proberen in te plannen. Ook als 10 maart snel vol is kan 24 maart misschien uitkomst bieden. We moeten minimaal 6 personen per keer hebben.
Degene die 17 maart willen moeten zich rechtstreeks bij Steve en Megumi opgeven.
We gaan noteren in volgorde van binnenkomst van aanmelding. Klinkt wel "lullig", maar anders komt er voor ons geen eind aan.
Vanavond willen we contact opnemen  met Steve en Megumi om eea definitief te regelen, althans voor de sessie op 10 maart.

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