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8 Maart OXFAM meeting

Segunda-feira, 05.03.12!

Afternoon Tea with Friends for Oxfam - Thursday 8th March 2012, 15h-19h

Come celebrate International Women’s Day with us to help raise money to support women in need. Thousands of people around the world have joined up for this great cause and it’s the perfect excuse for us girlies to get together and have fun catching up!

Afternoon tea will cost only €5, and 100% will go directly to women’s causes, through the Oxfam programs. Not bad eh?!

How? Well Melissa, owner of the venue, Questão de Paladar, is kindly sponsoring the afternoon tea (including some delicious cakes!) for our afternoon of fun!

This is how the money you will raise will tranform lives:

€50 – can save the life of a mother and her child by enabling Oxfam to train a midwife in Ghana.

€150 – trains 5 teachers in Mali who can teach over 250 girls and provide a whole generation with skills to work their way out of poverty.

Our afternoon tea get together is in Porto (Portugal), but for those who are abroad, or are tied up at work, we would still love your support and have you be a part of it!

You can make a donation at our fundraising page on Virgin Money Giving. Just €5/£5 would be great! (or more if you feel like it  ).

This is our first ever JaziGiving fundraiser, so we’re very excited! Come be part of this wonderful journey of inspiring giving, making it personal, and most of all having fun!

For more information on International Women’s Day watch the video below or click here.

The venue for our Afternoon Tea, Questão de Paladar (translated as ‘A Question of Taste’!), is located at Rua Mouzinho de Albuquerque 467, Matosinhos. Check out the map.

Can’t wait to see you there!
Jane Boogaard
ps. To have an idea of numbers, just post a comment below or on our events page on Facebook.


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