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Quinta-feira, 30.08.12

so far  spread the news 
let me know if you come thank you

Mother earth event

I would like to do a two day event for mother earth,for all us local people ,for friends and there friends .
No drugs ore alcohol only Love.
It will be simple .people can camp in the garden and share food.and bring there knowledge and skills to make a lovely event ,to show that we are grateful for living on this beautiful planet. 
Let me know if you are interested ,Whether to come or/and to give a workshop.

We could also have a space for a little mother earth market.
Let me know if you like to sell your stuff.

Program so far.


From 17 .ooh is everyone welcome to pinch there tent in the free camping zone

17 15.h  workshop lashing we will make some easy toilet's 

 20.00 h  full-moon deep space communion singing something like this is not a drum circle.


10.30 h Meditative Dance Yoga & rhythms. 

17.00  h :Art of Breathing intro Workshop'.

19.00 h : explanation and talk about Community  Exchange

 21.00 h :Mother earth trance dance: We are going to dance on Mother-Earth’s wild grass on a flat terrace in the protected space of my garden, to live, spontaneous music created especially for the event.


11.00 h Art of Breathing intro Workshop'.

17.00 h Zoe will end whit a finishing toush drum circle after siesta.

workshops offered so far :

Joline :Art of Breathing intro Workshop'.
Inhoud: Knowledge, breathing, mediation.1,30 h

Leen : 
bottle holders 2 h 

Lut Van Melle : Meditative Dance Yoga & rhythms 3 h

Steve: Community  Exchange .It will be a small workshop  to LETS systems (and the Estrela). We want to explain to interested people why we think a different exchange system is needed. 30 min
Maybe offered
wild food/ paint/bodies soft wild movement
Belly dance 

healing offered:

Sara: Shiatsu

Uli  is offering on Sunday  Arolo Treatments. 
And by interest some information's.

Leen offers Reiki ,cranio sacral osteopathy, intuitive massage.


Bring food to share.
We can cook together.If you have a solar cooker we can use let me know.
I have one big pot of 20l two of 5l 


there will be silence around the house and in the camping area in siesta time from 2 pm. till 5 pm. and from 10 pm.till 8 am.

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