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Domingo, 14.10.12
Deze mail stuur ik onder BBC (blinde copie) aan jullie; vrienden en bekenden van mij.
Zoals enkelen misschien weten ben ik zijdelinks betrokken bij de hondenopvang Pegadas & Bigodes nabij Figeuiró dos Vinhos. Aan het einde van deze maand gaan daar alle honden gecastreerd en gesteriliseerd worden.
Dat dit hele organistie vergt, kunt u wel uit de meegezonden bijlage (van een van de dierenartsen) en het onderstaande opmaken.
Behalve financiële steun voor medicamenten, zijn er ook een aantal praktische zaken nodig.
Het is met name voor het laatsgenoemde dat ik een beroep op u doe. 
Wanneer u (oude) handoeken, lakens of anderzins wat nog nodig is ter beschikking zou willen stellen voor dit goede doel, neem dan even contact met mij op.
Telefoon: 238 648 397                                      Mobiel:  965 805 5099                      E-mail: 
Hieronder de oproep van mijn vrienden Cedi en Natasha die aan het asiel verbonden zijn:
Dear everybody,
As you all might know , we are about to realise a castration and sterilisation project for the dogs of Pegadas e Bigodes
and we can only do that with the help of our friends! Luckily we are blessed with a lot of good people around us that offer their help....
The vets from Holand ,Canada and Portugal are trying to get all the medical stuff together and they do a great job!
I am looking forward to work with these people that seem to have there heart on the right spot and worry more about the street dog problem then about money.... I hope they will be a excample for many....
This is what they still are looking for :

Antibiotics, for instance duplocilline (injectable, longlasting (3days) 
More surgical gloves
More sterile gauze
Scalpelblades (size 10)
Some more surgical drapes
More washing liquid?
More alcohol/sterilium (sterilium is probable softer for hands/dogskin?)
Some bigger clamps for sterilization would probably be good for bigger females
But, we also  still need some stuff besides the medical materials and I hope that you are willing to help me with this.
We need 3 more stable tables to work on;
a couple of chairs
at least 3 lamps on a foot with bright white lightfor above the "operating" tables;
2 gasheaters
and as much old towels and sheets as we can lay our hands on
and collars (the satelitedishes that prevent the dogs for licking there stisches.
If anybody can help us with some of the needed things,please contact me by mail!
Already 3 people offerd to cook us diner.We are gonna work 6 days in a row ,monday the 29th untill saturday thye 3th of november.
Peter, Brunhi and Lied offerd to cook for us.Now we just have to see what day or days are good for them so we can make a schedule.
If people only wanna cook for one day (which is very ok too!) we still need some volunteers for this part,if not we just make the schedule...
So if you want to contribute something please use the "reply all" button so we all know who can help with what when...
We can also use extra hands at the kennel to take care of the dogs after being operated and so on...
Marrie and Paulo , Emma, Cedi and me are gonna be there all the time....
Anir and Stefani are gonna come on friday the 2
Cath and Rowen offerd there help too and Rowen is gonna make a documentarie about the whole event
Aida and dona Elisabeth are gonna make lunch for everybody....
Andrea offerd to help with whatever is needed
So if any of you also wants to participate,please tell us and we are gonna try to make it work!
I am very excited about all this, and to be honest queit nervous too, but : TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT !
looking forward to your response
Alvast bedankt en ik zal zorgen dat alles optijd ter plekke is.
Met vriendelijke groeten,

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