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Segunda-feira, 10.06.13

Urgent !

This beautiful dog named frank was found on the streets by our vets carolina and Salvador. He was in a bad state and they took him home to take care of him.He had no chip,was very skinny and coverd in ticks. He is a middle size to big dog, about 4 to 5 years old . Very playfull and obedient (he´ll sit down when you ask him) He already starts to get used to the cats they have at home but because of the hunger he passed, he is a bit food agressive. Carolina and Salvador can´t keep him.You have to know that they work around the clock in their clinics and do loads of volunteer work to the side. All to help the abandend animals in this country and because of there love for animals,their house is filled up with abandend dogs and cats. So please, let´s help Carolina and Salvador to be able to continue there great work and find a home for this beautiful big boy! If you are interested in adopting him, contact me : or Carolina : They will chip, vaccinate and castrate him for you. If you are not able or interested in adopting him, please be so kind to send this message to your friends.  

Thank you, Natasha pegadas e bigodes

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