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Quinta-feira, 15.08.13
My birth day in honer for mother earth
My birth day in honer for mother earth
  • Rua lameiro do rato Covas
  • I would like to start whit piking wild food at 17.15 h and make a raw birthday cake, pie.And some lovely raw food.
    If every one bring some nice veg. food and non alcoholic drinks there will be enough for every one.
    Lets start the party at 19.00 h eating and singing .making live music , dance and shill around a open fire . 
    I hope all my friends show up to party whit me in honor of mother earth.
    There is space to pitch a tent .Ore sleep under the Stars if the weather is fine.
    On the 31 st I would like to go to the Serra da Estrela and make a Walk.
    for more info Contact:
    Leen Van Melle

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    ja, inderdaad .De volgende is op 1 juli.Leni