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Sexta-feira, 06.09.13

Dear members of Forum.


As a result of the Forum held in May in S. Gião, the Câmara planned a meeting with the “Task Force”, now called WOHP, on the 29 of August. Luís Antero gave us a list with the things you suggested about what can be done, done better and/or be done in a different way.  We decided to form groups, each dealing with a few  issues, because we thought things would run faster with less people involved.

We met again on the 3rd of September, when we formed groups and started working.


There are the following groups:

A:         Ambiente

C:         Cultura e Actividades Cívicas e Socias

AT:       Assistencia Técnica

T:         Turismo


We weren’t sure what was meant by some of the suggestions on the list.

For example:


Preservation of public spaces and Improvement of footpaths. Can the person who said this explain him/herself a little bit?


Also, there was a suggestion about small businesses. The WOHP thought it would be a good idea to start a business club, for creating and stimulating micro-businesses, both for foreign and Portuguese people. Who wants to help with this? It was already suggested months ago on the ncbportugal-blog.


Our goal is to meet again on the 17 th of September, to present some results and plan the agenda for the next Forum -meeting (has to be confirmed by the Câmara) on the 1st of October.

Our blog:

If sending an e-mail, please indicate in “subject /assunto” which group you want to contact: Our e-mail address is:


Best regards, Arlette Graven

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