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Tara Woudenberg invitation thesis exhibition 2011

Terça-feira, 14.06.11


Dear friends,


World's first and unique master of Glass, Art and Science in Portugal is almost at an end for me.

I am transformed by this great experiment!

My new self is like the alchemists,

investigating and surrounded by a world of symbols.

Standing still and admiring in a new dimension.

I see with new eyes.


I invite you and your friends to the opening for my thesis exhibition  EYE INSIGHT


Sunday June 19  from 4pm ~ 8pm  in LX FACTORY - Ler Devagar Gallery - Lisbon


Feel free to forward this invitation



With a friendly and sunny smile,

Tara Marisa Woudenberg

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    gostei do blog

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  • NCBPortugal

    ja, inderdaad .De volgende is op 1 juli.Leni

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