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Le Bistrot Côja

Quarta-feira, 24.08.11

Hi All,
One of our customers has a large number of cds and dvds that he wants to sell, either as an entire collection or individually.
So, in conjunction with next Wednesdays film night, when we are showing The Fabulous Baker Boys, starring Michelle Pfeiffer with Jeff and Beau Bridges, we are going to have his entire collection on display, starting at 6.30pm on the day. (31st August)
The collection also includes boxed dvd sets of major tv series, including Friends and Shameless, among others.
So come and browse.... you might find that gem that you've always wanted to own!

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publicado por NCBPortugal às 21:09

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  • Marant

    Wij zijn al open vanaf vrijdag 5 september!!


    Nog gedurende deze expositie hebben we een special...

  • Karin Hulsman

    Helaas, de markt gaat morgen niet door. De volgend...

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    Mooi, Leni.Dit gedicht is muzikaal vertolkt door h...

  • Anónimo

    gostei do blog

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  • NCBPortugal

    ja, inderdaad .De volgende is op 1 juli.Leni

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