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Le Bistro Coja....

Terça-feira, 08.11.11



just to inform everyone of the new changes to le bistro , thursday fridays and saturdays from 7 pm we have a selection of 1 euro meals-hamburgers, hotdogs home made rustic pizza chips and a varied pasta dish . sunday roasts now have  3 courses avaliable , home made soup to start , main , and fruit and ice cream to follow - bookings advised !!!!! mondays tuesdays and wednesday fresh home made soup is avaliable all day, we hope many people will come and see the changes.............. english breakfasts still avaliable too !....   Shona and staff 

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publicado por NCBPortugal às 23:17

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  • Marant

    Wij zijn al open vanaf vrijdag 5 september!!


    Nog gedurende deze expositie hebben we een special...

  • Karin Hulsman

    Helaas, de markt gaat morgen niet door. De volgend...

  • Bert ten Brinke

    Mooi, Leni.Dit gedicht is muzikaal vertolkt door h...

  • Anónimo

    gostei do blog

  • leni

    ocharme die non... 'k zou niet in haar plaats will...

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    Vanuit Nederland onze oprechte deelneming! Sterkte...

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  • NCBPortugal

    ja, inderdaad .De volgende is op 1 juli.Leni

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