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Quarta-feira, 12.09.12

Hi everyone, 

Once again we've been suffering from terrible wildfires in central Portugal. Our thoughts are with you if you've been affected by any of the major or minor conflagrations of the past couple of weeks.

Is there anything we can do to prevent more devastating fires in the future? Perhaps reforesting with native (and fire-resistant) species of trees is the way to go. Check out this new Facebook Group that has grown exponentially from nothing to almost a thousand members in just a couple of days.

To see the full calendar, go to and click on 'E-Beira Events'. Also check out our many classified ads

Do remember to send all your future events to 


E-Beira Admin 

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Quinta da Tapada meldt:

Quarta-feira, 12.09.12

Quinta da Tapada


Tapada Cultural, Lda

Rua da Tapada 360

Lamas Ferreira d' Aves

3560-049 Sátão

tel: 00 351 232 661 074



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