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Uit de Algarve Daily News

Quinta-feira, 02.06.11

Dear Reader

Career conman Ken Jones arrives in Portugal - convicted an impressive 60 times for fraud and other charges involving deception, Welsh career conman Ken Jones recently left Amsterdam, owing thousands, and has been at it again in Palmela, just south of Lisbon where a local travel agent and a property business are already well out of pocket by this silver-tongued crook.

Ken's tried and tested exit route, leaving baggage and a suicide note, has been used again so be on the lookout in the Algarve for a small chap with a beard claiming to be a medical doctor, a priest, and/or a charity owner, claiming his money will soon be coming from Africa... you know the routine.

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The Algarve has had its fair share of con artists and gullible expats with money to 'invest' in seemingly iron-clad business ventures. (see report Dec 2010). This Welsh chap is an expert, with convictions going back to the 1970s in the UK, then he moved to Canada, then the USA, then Africa, then Holland and now Portugal. It surely won't be long until he hits the Algarve. His modus operandi to set up shop is to arrange accommodation and issue fake documentation saying the money is being transfered to the owner. Needless to say it never arrives and he is long gone. The last guest house he graced with his presence in Africa was owed the equivalent of US15,000. He seems to borrow money from new friends on some pretext and then disappears.

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