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Utopian City Lisbon

Quinta-feira, 17.02.11


Utopian City Lisbon


In cooperation with the Fábrica Braço de Prata, the Danube Foundation presents the workshop Utopian City Lisbon.

12 March 2011

Fábrica Braço de Prata

Rua da Fábrica dE Material de Guerra, nº1, Lisbon




The workshop kicks off with a 20 minute presentation on the history of the Utopia, with intention of explaining the concept despite its historical associations can still prove useful and initiate new ideas.

After the introduction the workshop participants are divided into groups. Each group is asked to create their own conceptual utopian city, which is to be translated in a collage using photos, paint, glue, coloured paper, etc. Throughout the workshop, participants are stimulated to think about themes, elements and values that are of importance to them.

After approximately two hours of brainstorming, thinking and creating, in a plenary session all groups present and discuss their concepts. After the jury selects a winning concept, a local artist starts creates an artwork based on the results of the workshop. The members of the winning group are invited to present their work at the final conference in 2012 as well as the artist whose work will be showed during the exposition.



Each workshop consists of 25-30 participants, who are united in numerous groups. The number of participants is limited in order to create enough time for an interesting discussion among the participants (and the jury). The focus groups are young Europeans (age 18-30 years); the next generation of Europeans.


Participation is free, language predominantly English.



There are 3 jury members: Fanny Vieira (artist), Nuno Nabias (Fábrica Braço de Prata), Thijs van Velzen (Danube Foundation).


They jury is supposed to be present the entire workshop. They have the possibility to walk around and talk to participants to understand the concepts participants are working on. The creative part is followed by a presentation of the concepts and a discussion between participants and the jury. After careful deliberation, the jury is announcing the winning concept.



For more information contact Thijs van Velzen




+31 6 422 109 53

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